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Based upon the objectives of the National Committee for Mental Health Promotion (NCMH), which has been issued and approved by the Decree of the Saudi Council of Ministers, it is responsible for helping individuals with mental health disorders and their families to get access to treatment and rehabilitation services. In addition, the NCMH is also responsible for supporting mental health programs, correcting
misconceptions about mental health, and coordinating between government and non-government organizations related to mental health. In line with the above objectives, the NCMH has supported this mental health directory.Your Guide: For Mental Health Services is available as an electronic copy on NCMH’s website, for more information please visit their website (www.ncmh.org.sa) or download their App (Qareebon – currently only available in Arabic) for more details about their services.


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If you believe that you are struggling or finding it difficult to cope, you might find the right care with a licensed mental health care provider in a hospital setting. This section contains both private and government entities starting with hospitals that provide care through an entire mental health division to other hospitals providing care through an individual mental health care provider within a hospital clinic.There are other general services included in hospitals that are provided for patients but are not necessarily limited to the mental health division, which include, for example speech therapy, occupational therapy,physiotherapy, transportation and home service.

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Private Clinics

If you believe that you are struggling or finding it difficult to cope, you might find the right care with a licensed mental health care provider in a private clinic. This section contains private clinics that provide care through both psychiatric and psychological services for children and adults.


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Rehabilitation and Early Intervention Centers for All Ages

If you believe that your child or a relative’s child or a friend is suffering from any developmental delays or mental health disorders, please use this section to find the right center. This section contains centers that provide a variety of services for special needs individuals (children and adults) that include mental health disorders, developmental disorders, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, and other related difficulties (such as speech, motor and physical disabilities).


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Associations and Committees

If you need support and awareness on your mental health disorder, please find the appropriate association and/or committee related to your cause which can also help support the needs of your family. This section includes non-profit organizations (private and governmental) that provide support, awareness, and/or training for individuals and their families dealing with any mental health disorders.


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